Add NVMe to Your Network Storage Architecture

Add NVMe to Your Network Storage Architecture

Jul 09, 2019

Add NVMe to Your Network Storage Architecture with ATTO

Enterprise customers are looking at migrating to flash block storage and want options that maximize performance.  Some of these customers have a lot invested in their existing SAN architecture and may see adopting flash storage as more than just a simple upgrade.

ATTO Celerity™ Gen 6 32Gb and 16Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) natively support FC-NVMe making them a future-proof investment. Celerity adapters can run FCP and FC-NVMe at the same time, providing the flexibility to migrate to flash storage at a convenient, cost-effective pace using the same network hardware.

Our FC-NVMe drivers provide the lowest latency storage server solutions available and are 20% faster than the competition.  ATTO HBAs support target mode and with our drivers OEMs and system builders can tailor FC-NVMe storage systems to suit their needs.

ATTO has solutions for Ethernet-based architectures as well.  ATTO FastFrame™ 3 NICswith RDMA technology provides the ability to utilize NVMe over Fabrics and feature ATTO Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) Technology to manage latency.  With these advanced technologies built in, ATTO FastFrame NICs can provide sufficient bandwidth for data-intensive applications like streaming raw 4K and 8K video.

ATTO has the solution with our support of NVMe over Fabrics. NVMe is a new protocol designed to take advantage of Flash/SSD technology by streamlining I/O procedures.  NVMe allows users to unlock the full potential of Flash storage technology to produce unheard of performance.

If you are a system architect interested in creating NVMe-based solutions, contact us to see how ATTO can help.  We are laying the foundation for tomorrow’s all-flash data centers today thanks to our decades-long experience of delivering reliable, first-to-market storage connectivity solutions.

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