ATTO FastFrame NICs get an industry first macOS® driver

ATTO FastFrame NICs get an industry first macOS® driver

May 06, 2019

Since the very early days of the company, ATTO Technology has been an enthusiastic developer of connectivity and storage solutions for the Apple Mac® (which was called Macintosh® before 1998). Because of their unique qualities, there are still many older Macs in service throughout the world. 

Given that, we are very happy to announce a recent update to the macOS® drivers for ATTO FastFrame™ network interface cards (NICs).  These drivers support the current generation of FastFrame 3 10/25/40/50/100Gb Ethernet adapters and are the industry’s first macOS drivers to support the latest 25/50/100GbE standard. 

 The release of these drivers continues ATTO’s long standing relationship with Apple by providing products that offer users premium performance and maximum usability.

 ATTO worked with partner ELEMENTS, a manufacturer of high-performance media storage and server systems for creative workflows, to test and validate the newest driver.  “The addition of this driver allows us to support our macOS customers with the latest and greatest interconnects and help bring our partners into the future of Ethernet storage technology” said Jens Quasten, marketing at ELEMENTS.

Supporting speeds up to 100GbE and with latency as low as one microsecond(1µs), end-to-end quality of service, and congestion control, ATTO FastFrame 3 NICs are ideal for collaborative creative workflows, IT applications such as data analytics, high performance computing (HPC) clusters, hyper-converged servers, large database analysis, and other latency-sensitive high-performance applications.  FastFrame 3 NICs are equally effective in the data center and across clusters of workstations.

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