Get the Same Connectivity Power from the Studio at Home with Thunderbolt

Get the Same Connectivity Power from the Studio at Home with Thunderbolt

May 11, 2020

Get the Same Connectivity Power from the Studio at Home with Thunderbolt

Post-production professionals working from home do not have to compromise their workflow. Achieve at home the speed and reliability you get at the studio with ATTO Thunderbolt™ 3 adapters powering the connectivity between your storage and workstation.

ATTO ThunderLink® 3252 Thunderbolt adapters stand alone as the first and only 25GbE Thunderbolt 3 adapters on the market. This cutting edge Thunderbolt adapter provides fast and reliable network and storage connectivity while enabling scalability for next-generation platforms and infrastructures. That means you’ll use it now and keep using it into the future.

Even if you’re using 10GbE today, you’ll need to eventually upgrade your connectivity to stay ahead of 4K and 8K workflows. 25Gb is the “sweet spot” for an Ethernet connection through Thunderbolt 3 and will easily benefit Apple® hardware fans including those using the new 2019 Mac Pro®.

If you’re an Avid user, ATTO ThunderLink 3252 and ATTO ThunderLink 3102 40GbE adapters are now certified for Avid NEXIS® and NEXIS Pro® for macOS®. The combination of ATTO adapters and Avid storage is ideal for editing workflows that need to edit more streams of video while adding more clients.

ATTO ThunderLink is optimized for extremely low latency and high-bandwidth data transfers and features the industry's lowest power consumption. So it helps to keep your electric bill down while delivering much-needed performance benefits to bandwidth-intensive media applications

What’s more, thanks to ATTO 360™ Tuning, Monitoring and Analytics Software, any user can optimize the network connection between ThunderLink 3252 and storage. ATTO 360 features tuning profiles customized for specific workflows like media production work. With just a few clicks, home users can optimize a network based on the performance profile that’s right for them, without a call to IT.

ATTO ThunderLink 3252 comes prepared for immediate use with a power supply and pluggable SFP28 modules included.

For more information visit the ATTO ThunderLink page on our website.

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