Partner Spotlight - Dell

Partner Spotlight - Dell

Aug 05, 2019

Partner Spotlight - Dell

Michael Dell started his business in 1984 while a student at the University of Texas. The business was at first called PC’s Limited, however by the time it went public in 1988, the name had officially been changed to Dell Computer Corporation.  More focused on business and professional sales in the beginning, Dell’s consumer sales rose dramatically with the introduction of their website in 1996.  They have grown steadily ever since, becoming a global provider of computing solutions for consumers, education, government and business.

Today, Dell is part of the privately held Dell Technologies family of businesses.  Among the products they offer are Dell Precision™ tower, rack and mobile workstations.  The Dell Precision line is designed to meet the needs of content creators and designers and are therefore equipped with powerful processors, next generation graphics, and fast memory.  Precision can be performance-tuned for specific applications to cover a wide range of workflows.

ATTO has been an innovator in network and storage connectivity and manufacturer of products that work seamlessly with Dell Precision workstations.  ATTO and Dell have been working together for much of that time, combining engineering knowledge and their expert technical teams to provide complete workflow solutions for a variety of markets.

When ATTO computer network and storage connectivity products are combined with Dell Precision workstations, the result is a powerful solution that meets the needs of media and entertainment, manufacturing and design, oil and gas, architecture, engineering construction and medical imaging.

ATTO products are certification tested with joint solutions listed on the ATTO Dell Technologies Solutions pageand on the Dell EMC Technology Partner Program page.  This testing ensures interoperable and supported solutions from two trusted companies collaborating to meet the challenges of demanding computing environments around the world.

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