Partner Spotlight – Dell EMC

Partner Spotlight – Dell EMC

Feb 03, 2020

Partner Spotlight – Dell EMC

Ever wonder what the “EMC” stood for in Dell EMC? Read on, inquisitive one, as we talk about this month’s ATTO Partner Spotlight subject, Dell EMC.

It was the summer of 1979 when EMC was incorporated by Dick Egan, Roger Marino and John Curly (and there’s your answer to the opening question!). They didn’t begin by selling high-performance enterprise storage, instead, they sold office furniture. It did not take long for EMC to find their bearings and make the move toward memory and storage, launching their first hardware memory product in 1981.

Through the ‘80s and into the ‘90s EMC experienced substantial growth and evolved into a technology company almost exclusively focused on enterprise storage solutions. EMC was among the first to demonstrate commercial streaming high definition video and, according to Forbes, it was EMC who coined the term “Network-Attached Storage” (NAS) with the introduction of Symmetrix Network File Storage.

The relationship between Dell and EMC accelerated in 2001 when they announced a five-year sales partnership, but it would take another fourteen years before Dell and EMC would join together permanently, creating the business groups we know now.

Today, Dell EMC is part of the privately held Dell Technologies family of businesses. Dell EMC hasn’t missed a beat, creating powerful infrastructure, data storage, hybrid cloud and data protection solutions that lead the market.

ATTO has been an innovator in network and storage connectivity and manufacturer of products that work seamlessly with Dell EMC products. ATTO and Dell EMC work together, combining engineering knowledge and our expert technical teams to provide complete workflow solutions for a variety of use cases. ATTO products are certification tested with joint solutions listed on the ATTO Dell Technologies Solutions page and the Dell EMC Technology Partner Program page.

The latest collaboration between ATTO and Dell EMC is the availability of ATTO XstreamCORE® ET 8200 through Dell EMC directly to compliment Dell EMC PowerVault ML3 scalable tape libraries. It’s the industry’s only commercially available solution to add high-speed Ethernet connectivity to standard SAS LTO tape drives.

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