Partner Spotlight - Qumulo

Partner Spotlight - Qumulo

Aug 04, 2020

Partner Spotlight – Qumulo

Qumulo is a pioneer and leader in enterprise hybrid cloud file storage. Their popular file system software runs on industry-standard hardware or natively in the cloud. The software provides real-time visibility, scale and control of data across on-prem and the cloud with real-time analytics that increase storage efficiency.

Founded in March 2012 by former Isilon employees Neal Fachan, Peter Godman, and Aaron Passey, Qumulo is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Starting with just 18 employees, Qumulo has grown rapidly after an 18-month initial development period and today has more than 300 employees worldwide.

A pioneer in combining machine learning with file systems, Qumulo offered the world’s first machine intelligent scale-out storage software in 2017, and in 2018 introduced machine learning-driven caching for faster data access. The former innovation brought greatly improved flexibility and real-time enforcement of quota policies while the latter increases speed by pre-caching files a user is most likely to access.

The company’s goal has always been to make it easy and affordable to manage and access data despite unprecedented data growth. Today, Qumulo’s hybrid file software makes it simple to consolidate unstructured data with a single solution that provides real-time data visibility, automation, and ease-of-use to meet any performance, processing, and data retention requirement.

ATTO and Qumulo products complement each other and the companies share a similar customer base, including Fortune 500 companies and major film studios, so a partnership was only natural.

As a Qumulo Technology Alliance Partner, ATTO has several products certified by Qumulo. Currently, ATTO FastFrame™ 10/25/40/50/100GbE NICs and ATTO ThunderLink® NS 3102 and NS 3101 Thunderbolt™ to Ethernet adapters are certified by Qumulo for their NVMe and Hybrid solutions.

This past April, ATTO joined Qumulo for a webinar covering a range of topics including optimizing Ethernet storage and accelerating Qumulo storage with ATTO FastFrame NICs and how to save time diagnosing connectivity issues with ATTO 360™ Tuning, Monitoring, and Analytics software.

Video of the webinar is available to watch online here.

We’re looking forward to working closely with Qumulo to provide the best in hybrid storage solutions made with advanced software and the latest, highest-performing storage network technologies.

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