Put the ATTO Store on your holiday shopping list!

Put the ATTO Store on your holiday shopping list!

Dec 03, 2019

Put the ATTO Store on your holiday shopping list!

With the holiday season upon us, it’s a perfect time to remind everyone of our web store. The ATTO Store is available at store.atto.com and everything in the current ATTO product portfolio is available there, including software, cables and accessories.

There are several important reasons to buy direct from ATTO. First, ATTO offers free two-day shipping for all orders shipping to locations in the United States and Canada. Since we ship from our own stock, typically orders are received very quickly. It’s a great option for those who need their ATTO gear right away.

Ordering from ATTO means your products are the latest hardware version and are loaded with the most recent firmware. When you order cables and accessories from our store, there’s no need for guesswork as you can be confident they will work with the products they’re intended for. The ATTO Store not only has our latest, updated products, it also has a clearance section. It’s not often we have stock left over, but when we do, we sell it there and often at special prices. 

ATTO Store customers can take advantage of our flexible refund and return policy, and track their order directly from our order status page. Finally, you get a standard warranty directly from the manufacturer and eligible products can be upgraded to an extended warranty.

Our store is for everyone! Not only can individuals order from the ATTO Store, but we encourage organizations and companies of every size to place orders there. Many of our larger customers have done just that; some of the world’s most famous companies have taken advantage of the ATTO Store’s conveniences!

So, take a moment to look around the ATTO Store and check off a few names on your holiday shopping list. Every computer and every workflow can benefit from the world’s finest high-performance networking and storage connectivity!

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