Scary Tape Backup Stories!

Scary Tape Backup Stories!

Oct 07, 2021

As Halloween approaches, we thought it’d be fun to gather around the glow of your computer monitor and share some scary stories. However, these won’t be your average ghost and werewolf stories, no, instead these will be really scary – like Scary Tape Backup Stories!

What happens to unsuspecting victims of RAID storage backups? You see, a lot of companies think RAID storage is perfectly fine for protecting their data. But when a write is unable to finish due to a RAID failure, the blood-curling screams from the IT Manager’s office will send a chill up your spine!

One victim was a popular image website that lost all of its customers’ uploaded assets. Another victim was a feature film post-production group that lost power while working on a long editing session – they lost everything. Even schools aren’t immune. One, in particular, found all of the data on their senior class gone after a failed write.

All of these ghastly outcomes could have been avoided by using a tape solution from ATTO Technology and one of our many partners.

We can’t ignore the woeful tale of the enterprise that dismissed the warnings to ensure they had offsite backup. Sometimes it’s a gremlin in the system or even a lightning strike, sometimes it’s something more catastrophic, like a flood or a fire. It happens, just ask a certain company down in New Orleans or another certain company in New York City. Well, maybe not, they may not have recovered from the trauma!

Tragedies like these can be avoided with a proper offsite backup and archive solution. We have the magic spell in this technical brief ( ATTO XstreamCORE® intelligent Bridges are the garlic to your long-distance backup vampire!

No scary tape backup story collection would be complete without recounting the true evil of ransomware. This ghoul needs no introduction. Suffice to say, every year it attacks innocent victims all over the world and keeps coming back like a campground wandering, hockey-mask-wearing horror movie antagonist.

The damage can be immense: $4 billion was lost by just one company in 2017. Last year a UK company lost approximately $2.5 million and that’s before counting labor and recovery costs, not to mention the battering its reputation took and the ripple effect across its notable customer base.

There is no easy answer to fighting this terrifying menace, but companies can be prepared by using tape solutions from ATTO and our partners. Think about it – tape backups, when stored, are not physically connected to a network and therefore could be the only thing standing between a huge financial or data loss or surviving a ransomware attack relatively unscathed.

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