Target Mode SDK

Target Mode SDK

May 07, 2019

Target Mode SDK

There are many storage solutions on the market and, if storage solutions are your business, you need a way to make your solution stand out from the crowd.  The question is how do you make your product rise above the rest and make a profit?

As a full-service provider of embeddable and PCIe-based connectivity solutions, ATTO Technology can serve in differentiating your product with high-performance and painless integration while helping to maintain your margins.

When you add ATTO Host Bus Adapters (HBA) to your storage platform, you gain access to our exclusive technologies, which were conceived and created based on 30-plus years of connectivity experience.  These include ATTO Advanced Data Streaming™, a proprietary latency management technology that smooths data transfers through controlled acceleration.

These technologies alone differentiate your product, but ATTO takes it step further by providing our Target Mode Driver Software Development Kit (SDK).  ATTO Target Mode SDK gives developers complete control and flexibility in creating custom capabilities that differentiate their products without tying up internal resources and yet can be simplified enough to push product out to market quickly.

ATTO Target Mode Driver is a specialized driver that makes any storage device appear as native Fibre Channel and SAS. Available for ATTO Celerity™ Fibre Channel HBAsand ATTO ExpressSAS® SAS/SATA HBAs, it provides the ability to run both initiator and target-mode devices with a single driver.

You can implement ATTO Target Mode via industry standard, and therefore more accessible, interfaces or use our highly customizable interface.  LIO (Linux I/O) and SCST (SCSI Target Subsystem) present an interface into several off-the-shelf preset modules that include virtual and physical disks, RAID controllers, and tape, where devices can use any link that supports SCSI-style data exchange.  Similar options are available for illumos and FreeBSD.

The custom ATTO SCSI Target Mode Driver interface unlocks programming and fine-tuning flexibility for virtually unlimited performance possibilities. With this, developers can elevate their product well above the competition and stand out as a performance leader.  By custom crafting drivers for your storage solution, you are in complete control of performance specifications, compatibility, and integration.

Performance tuning isn’t the only advantage gained by using ATTO drivers.  Simplify management through ATTO ConfigTool™ with which administration, troubleshooting and management of multiple paths to storage are organized and streamlined.  ATTO MultiPath Director™ provides flexible connectivity where Windows®, Linux and Mac® workstations can be mixed in a heterogeneous environment.

If building your own storage solution, you need to factor in connectivity performance and integration.  Thankfully, you do not need to settle on low performing, inflexible hardware that will only serve as a bottleneck.  You also don’t have to hit the drawing board and take the time to develop something optimized for your solution.  ATTO has the technology ready now and our Target Mode SDK will allow you to integrate it perfectly with the rest of your solution, saving time and adding value.

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