The story behind ATTO Disk Benchmark for macOS

The story behind ATTO Disk Benchmark for macOS

Nov 05, 2019

The story behind ATTO Disk Benchmark for macOS

ATTO Disk Benchmark™ is an industry-standard benchmark for disk performance used throughout the computing landscape for nearly 25 years.  HDD, SSD and NVMe manufacturers use it to test their drives, system builders use it to check the performance of storage architectures, end users test their systems and review sites include it as a staple among their suite of benchmarking utilities.

ATTO Disk Benchmark first appeared in 1996 as part of the ATTO ExpressRAID™ Software Suite.  Today, ATTO Disk Benchmark for Windows® is one of the most popular benchmark tools, with downloads from averaging 3,000 a month. 

For some time, our customers and partners have been asking ATTO to extend our expertise in storage benchmarking and Apple® computing platforms to the current macOS®.  In October we fulfilled those requests by releasing ATTO Disk Benchmark for macOS as a free download.  Now Mac users can once again measure the performance of their disk systems to determine and optimize their storage architectures. 

CEO of ATTO Technology, Tim Klein, is excited to offer this to the Mac community. “One of the really cool features of this benchmark is that it can be used to benchmark any storage system that’s loaded in the operating system as a disk device,” said Klein.  “This allows for testing of both physical and virtual devices (think VMware®), and doesn't care where those devices are located, be it in your desktop, in the server or up in the cloud.”

Although in development before Apple announced they will be shipping a new generation Mac Pro®, the timing works perfectly because the power and features of the new Mac Pro will benefit from the data Disk Benchmark generates.  It is compatible with the recently released macOS Catalina (version 10.15), plus Mojave and High Sierra (10.14 and 10.13).

ATTO Disk Benchmark for macOS and the original Disk Benchmark are available directly from  Get your copy today and start benchmarking! 

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