Work Smarter! Use ATTO as Your Storage Solution Partner

Work Smarter! Use ATTO as Your Storage Solution Partner

Mar 03, 2020

Work Smarter! Use ATTO is as Your Storage Solution Partner

With storage solutions, like any other IT product, excessive support calls, returns and repairs can quickly eat into a manufacturer’s resources. This is why quality design, components, software, and function are all critical factors when putting a storage solution on the market.

For high-performance storage especially, the connectivity must be viewed as a critical component. It does not matter how fast the drives and hosts are if the connectivity is the source of I/O bottlenecks, latency or support calls from puzzled customers.

When you’re building storage solutions, work smarter, not harder. Imagine if the connectivity actually boosted performance and contributed to reliability and your bottom line!

As a provider of network and storage connectivity products, intelligent protocol bridges and storage-related software, ATTO Technology has the connectivity for your product. We offer proven performance based on over 30 years of experience developing and innovating connectivity solutions. ATTO exclusive features and technology help your product stand out from the competition and our quality designs and software mitigate support calls.

ATTO products are built around a common suite of core technologies that minimize latency while accelerating data. ATTO Advanced Data Streaming (ADS)™ works transparently, smoothing data transfers through controlled acceleration. ATTO MultiPath Director™ enables failover and load balancing capabilities for Windows®, Mac® and Linux® hosts using Fibre Channel. Software and drivers optimized for each platform rounds out the core technology unique to ATTO.

As a company who is a trusted partner to major OEMs, IEMs and system builders, ATTO is nimble, with complete hardware engineering and design facilities in-house. We have dedicated engineering labs for research and development, where we improve upon current technology and work on next-generation technologies. We have been vetted by some of the largest OEMs in the world including Apple, EMC, NetApp, Hewlett-Packard, Harris Corp., Grass Valley, Quantum, Avid Technology, Overland Storage, NEC, Unisys, and many more.

When it comes to advantages, the smallest details add up. ATTO is fully ISO 9001:2015 compliant, which assures you the highest quality in manufacturing and program management. Higher quality manufacturing means less failures in the field and fewer resources spent managing those failures.

ATTO is always ready to have a discussion with storage solution designers and manufacturers about how we can improve their product. To start the conversation, just contact us!

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