ATTO Turns Direct Attached Storage into SAN,
Saves Client Tens of Thousands of Dollars

ATTO Technology has developed a solution that will add a storage network to direct-attached hardware in less than an afternoon with only a few pieces of additional equipment. This solution is the XstreamCORE™ FC 7550 SAN storage controller and it can save businesses thousands of dollars.

ATTO deployed XstreamCORE and a few Fibre Channel adapters in the datacenter of North East mega-contractor Torcon. The use case could apply to any business or enterprise.

Torcon’s datacenter had three hosts sharing a SAS RAID Array. Their expansion options were limited, the system was struggling to keep up with demands on its resources. Torcon was already considering a full replacement despite the server hardware being only a few years old.

ATTO converted Torcon’s existing direct-attached SAS environment to a Fibre Channel storage area network, which not only saved Torcon the expense of replacing their old hardware, it gave them a wide open path for future expansion.

The added Fibre Channel SAN provided Torcon with a 16Gb/s shared storage network. This removed storage traffic from the bottlenecked LAN where all network and storage traffic had previously traveled together. By offloading this storage traffic from the LAN, users of Torcon virtual machines were able to immediately experience a faster, more robust LAN network as storage traffic now had its own path to the physical servers.

"XstreamCORE has opened many options we wouldn’t have considered prior to its deployment" said Shawn Winters, Torcon director of technology.

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