Which SAN Fabric is right for you?
There’s a White Paper for That!

The choices and possibilities utilized for Storage Area Networks (SANs) can quickly become overwhelming. A new white paper by IT industry research specialist G2M provides a roadmap through SAN Fabrics, making it easier to identify the proper solutions.

Today there are a variety of architectures, fabrics, and protocols that can be utilized for Storage Area Networks (SANs). The choices and possibilities can quickly become overwhelming once other considerations like cost and performance are factored in.

Finally there’s a roadmap to help navigate these challenges. By providing this roadmap, ATTO hopes to help our customers through the decision making process so it’s not such a daunting task.

IT industry research specialist G2M has analyzed the complex SAN Fabric landscape, breaking it down into simple, but comprehensive overviews of each fabric and protocol choice. G2M then takes these fabric and protocol choices and make sense of how they fit in common environments.

This white paper will help you understand what factors affect the choice of the right SAN for your applications and use cases. It guides you through these factors and will help in deciding how to architect your SAN.

Download the white paper here

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