With servers and storage constantly getting faster, the hardware that connects it all needs to stay a step ahead. The next generation of cloud computing, web-scale environments, flash storage and media streaming, will all have significant speed and bandwidth requirements.

As an example, today movies and television shows are being shot in 4k, which already requires up to 26 Gb/s of bandwidth per stream to capture, edit, and render. However, 6k and 8k resolutions are being tested and are expected to be hit the market within the next few years.

A 10Gb Ethernet network is fine for many existing deployments, but will simply not be good enough for the coming generation of high-bandwidth applications. The solution, of course, is to widen the lanes and let more data through.

ATTO is ready for the future with FastFrame network interface cards. FastFrame NICs provide unmatched performance, the lowest latency in the industry, and the versatility required to support the most demanding and complex infrastructures.

ATTO FastFrame NICs are available in 10/25/40/50/100 GbE variants with NVMe support and Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) technology built in. They are also up to 30% more power efficient than competitive products.

Next-generation FastFrame NICs are the finest cards on the market today and are ready now to take on the heavy bandwidth future that is just around the corner. Combined with the support and reliability they’re known for, ATTO is the clear choice for a network expansion or upgrade that just works.

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