NVMe continues to create a buzz through the industry with its incredible gains in storage access. The evolution of the specification continues with the addition of the FC-NVMe protocol.

With FC-NVMe, Fibre Channel will natively transport NVMe, giving it near direct-attached speed and identical capabilities. The performance increase in flash storage access over Fibre Channel will be nothing short of remarkable.

Enter ATTO, already an industry leader in Fibre Channel connectivity, who have just recently announced FC-NVMe support for their Celerity Gen 6 HBAs. Now, instead of relying on iSCSI to interpret, and slow down, data transfer to and from All Flash Arrays, ATTO Celerity users can take advantage of this exciting emerging technology.

This means the full potential of flash storage will finally be realized by administrators who have known what could be done, but weren’t able to until now.

Imagine JBOF or all-flash NAS storage available at true Fibre Channel speeds with Fibre Channel integrity. Media streaming and large file collaborations, especially, will see immediate benefits.

The driver is already available on the ATTO website, giving any ATTO Gen 6 HBA native support of NVMe.

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