ATTO Provides illumos Target and Initiator Driver Support

ATTO Provides illumos Target and Initiator Driver Support

Apr 01, 2018

For many developers, illumos, with its streamlined interface and integrated ZFS file system, has become the go-to operating system for many software defined storage, cloud hypervisor and other commercial applications.

As the leader in high-performance storage connectivity solutions for 30 years, ATTO is a natural fit for illumos-enabled ecosystems. Our ExpressSAS® 12Gb SAS/SATA and Celerity™ Gen 6 Fibre Channel HBAs now offer full illumos driver support.

In addition to client-side support, ATTO provides a full illumos COMSTAR target mode interface to enable the development of custom storage solutions. ATTO’s target mode program provides OEMs and System Integrators the opportunity for easy-to-build, quick-to-market, differentiated high-performance storage solutions, as well as added intelligence and value to the storage server.

And all of our ATTO HBAs offer Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) support to ensure consistently high data transfers for optimal application performance.

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