ATTO ThunderLink® 3128 Thunderbolt™ 3 Adapter
is Certified and Shipping Now!

Good news for those with Thunderbolt ports who need simple but fast connections to bulk storage. ATTO ThunderLink® 3128 Thunderbolt™ 3 to 12Gb SAS/SATA adapter is Thunderbolt certified and shipping now.

The latest addition to the ATTO Thunderbolt adapter family, ThunderLink 3128, provides users with fast and reliable storage connectivity while enabling scalability for next generation platforms and infrastructures. Optimized for extremely low latency and high-bandwidth data transfers, ThunderLink 3128 offers flexibility and reliability for the most demanding applications.

ThunderLink 3128 is certified for both Mac and Windows to support the growing number of Thunderbolt 3 platforms. This includes the latest Apple hosts, including the iMacPro™ and iMac®, along with the latest mobile workstations from companies such as Dell, HP and Lenovo.

"The anticipated Thunderbolt 3 to 12Gb SAS/SATA adapter enhances the industry's broadest portfolio of Thunderbolt adapters for storage and network connectivity," said Tom Kolniak, senior director of marketing at ATTO Technology, Inc. "What sets ATTO apart is our extensive history of SAS/SATA development, creating Thunderbolt solutions and working to create products which are optimized to meet modern workflow demands."

Connecting a Thunderbolt 3 to 12Gb SAS/SATA adapter outfitted with LTO 8 tape drives provides a simple and affordable means to store, archive and transport large amounts of content. This combination is a cost effective way to manage the ever-increasing size of UHD, 4K, 3D and other media files.

ThunderLink 3128 also provides a faster ROI for storage by addressing the need to grow storage capacity on the fly which has become more critical than ever across a number of industries.

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