Leverage the Power of an iMac Pro™ with ThunderLink® by ATTO

Leverage the Power of an iMac Pro™ with ThunderLink® by ATTO

Apr 01, 2018

Apple’s newest iMac Pro™ is a cutting-edge platform designed by Apple for the professional content creation community. With all of that power, slow connections to storage and to the outside world would be a serious letdown. The ATTO ThunderLink® line is there to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The iMac Pro comes complete with a 5K display, high-end graphics, increased processor capabilities and four Thunderbolt™ 3 ports. That increase in speed and power means more productivity. Of course it also means larger, more complex files that need to be saved – safely.

If an iMac Pro is connected to storage or a workgroup, those massive files need to move back and forth smoothly and without latency. Your creative flow depends on reliable, meticulously crafted connections.

ATTO’s extensive protocol development history and the ThunderLink portfolio provide an unbeatable high-bandwidth connectivity solution. Apple users can let their imaginations soar while a ThunderLink makes sure the technology stays out of the way.

ATTO has a complete line of Thunderbolt 3 and 2 adapters across Fibre Channel, Ethernet and SAS/SATA protocols. They provide essential high-performance connectivity for all of Apple’s Mac platforms.

The ATTO team is focused on low latency, smooth and reliable data delivery so content creators have consistent performance and a rewarding experience. High-bandwidth projects including VR, 3D-rendering and special effects will flow to and from the Mac as if they were stored locally thanks to ThunderLink.

ATTO is a long standing member of the Apple developer community, which allows for a deep understanding of Apple hardware and the Mac operating system. We’re also one of the pioneers in digital content creation, so we understand the intricacies of content creation workflows. That’s why we know the ThunderLink is exactly what Mac users need for total creative freedom.

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