ATTO ThunderLink® works hard, faithfully moving your critical data quickly and smoothly. Yours might have a nice, cozy spot on a desk that it never leaves, although you’d love to make some extra space.

Or maybe yours could be in a server room, stacked in a rack, on a rack, or however they’re placed, so long as the wires aren’t in the way. Maybe your ThunderLink is a traveler, moved here and there daily, in and out of storage containers and attached to production carts.

There is a better way to treat your loyal ThunderLink. Protect and organize them with ATTO ThunderRack!

ATTO ThunderRack is a 1U traditional rackmount shelf that can rack up to four ThunderLink adapters side by side. The design of the ThunderRack allows for power and connection cable management and provides optimal airflow for cooling. The ThunderRack is 21" deep and can extend to 32" with an included L-bracket or optional rail kit.

ATTO ThunderRack is now available for only $595! The optional rail kit, available here, is only $149.



  • Each ThunderRack fits up to four ATTO ThunderLink Adapters
  • Slim 1U form-factor (1.75" height)
  • Standard 19" rack width
  • Rack 21" depth, extendable to 32" depth with included L-Bracket or optional rail kit. Note: Cabinet depth must be 26" or greater to use the rail kit
  • Facilitates power supply and cable management
  • Simple access to Thunderbolt and protocol ports
  • Designed for optimal airflow

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