Connect Mac Pro® ESXi Hosts to Fibre Channel Storage Via Thunderbolt™

You can now virtualize Mac Pro® hosts with ESXi and connect them to Fibre Channel storage using ATTO ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ adapters. This exclusive solution is possible thanks to the ATTO VMware Ready™ HCL approved ESXi driver.

Our ThunderLink adapters are the only purpose built Thunderbolt product designed to connect virtualized Mac hardware to 16Gb and 8Gb Fibre Channel storage solutions within VMware® VSphere environments. This is a new, efficient solution for Apple application development and testing, virtual desktop infrastructure and cloud environments.

Mac users had been asking for such a driver for some time, and ATTO responded by working with the Mac community to develop it. The result is exactly what users were anticipating: increased scalability and productivity helping to accelerate design cycles and maximize storage resources.

ThunderLink adapters with the certified ESXi driver can easily fit into new or existing VSphere environments. They are enabled by the same technology base and can easily exist with other ATTO I/O solutions. VMware Solution Exchange has more on ATTO solutions at

ATTO partners with VMware through their Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) VMware Ready program. VMware Ready is the highest level of endorsement and makes it easy to identify products optimized for VMware. Using VMware-approved solutions from ATTO lowers project risks and can lead to cost savings over custom built solutions.

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