ATTO Xtend SAN is the most popular iSCSI initiator for macOS® and has been updated to version 5.0 with optimizations for macOS® Mojave.

The new Mojave OS features an updated file system, APFS, that focuses on low-latency and scalability, along with more flexibility in managing partitions. ATTO complements these performance enhancements by fully supporting Mojave.

iSCSI is an important enabler for key applications including collaborative digital video/audio workflows, laptop connectivity to SANs, and remote backups. With iSCSI, small businesses and workgroups can take full advantage of a SAN environment, even with limited IT budgets and resources.

The simplicity of iSCSI makes it the ideal storage networking protocol for macOS® users who are accustomed to the legendary ease-of-use of macOS®, as even non-technical users can set-up and manage a server with just a few mouse clicks.

Xtend SAN has been rigorously tested with products from leading iSCSI manufacturers, ensuring a high degree of interoperability. With a wide range of iSCSI products compatible with macOS®, ATTO is the premier provider of iSCSI solutions for macOS® users.

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