Partnering with ATTO Puts You in Good Company

A global technology company, ATTO has been designing and partnering with the world’s top tier Original Equipment Manufacturers for over 30 years. Whether or not you’ve heard of ATTO, our products are installed throughout the world powering the network connections millions rely on.

We take pride in our history of long-lasting technology partnerships and the successes they’ve brought. Apple, EMC, NetApp, Facilis, Hewlett-Packard, Harris Corp., Grass Valley, Quantum, Avid Technology, Overland Storage, NEC, Unisys, and many more have relied on ATTO for storage connectivity solutions.

A Flexible Extension of Your Engineering Team

We can customize our HBAs and devise connectivity solutions to meet the needs of OEMs through a flexible, systems-level approach to embedded solutions. ATTO can target and support multiple operating systems, including Linux, Windows®, macOS®, and illumos, among others and virtualized platforms like those offered by VMware.

Premier Engineering, Production and Support

As your partner, ATTO’s 30 years of technical experience and intellectual properties are ready for your use. ATTO provides exceptional engineering and manufacturing capability which is industry proven and we are certified by the world’s top tier storage and compute companies. We are ready for any size manufacturing request from small semi-custom jobs to high-volume programs.

Our partners enjoy industry leading engineering support from the design phase through production, including our renowned field support. We are fully ISO 9001:2015 compliant, which reflects our commitment to offering the highest quality in manufacturing and program management.

At ATTO, technology is in our blood

For more than 30 years we have defined the cutting edge in storage and connectivity. As a partner of ATTO, you engage with our expert engineers, collaborate with our industry-leading support, and create together the best products in the world.

Recommended for your System Designs

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Fibre Channel HBAs

Add ATTO Celerity™ Fibre Channel cards to workstations and servers so you can create, collaborate and move even the largest files.

Ethernet Adapters

ATTO FastFrame™ 10, 25, 40, 50 and next-generation 100 Gigabit Ethernet cards deliver smooth, reliable Ethernet
 connectivity to workstations and servers.

SAN Storage Controllers

ATTO XstreamCORE® Storage Controllers solve blade server storage limitations, connect SAS silos to SANS, allows storage expansion
 without adding more compute.


ATTO ExpressSAS® HBAs connect to direct-attached storage for a cost-effective, high performance solution in post-production environments.

Fibre Channel Bridge

ATTO FibreBridge® products connect anything to anything, giving you unheard of flexibility and speed with storage that’s easy to control.

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