There’s a transition underway from traditional data center infrastructures to software-defined ones that permit resources to be scaled in response to evolving business needs. By providing a modular approach that fully separates software from hardware while adding management and automation features, Software Defined Storage:

  • Dramatically lowers TCO: IT administrators are freed to build high-performance storage solutions using standard low-cost hardware
  • Offers improved scalability and flexibility: Storage resources can be centralized and aggregated in response to workload changes

ATTO Technology’s 7500 Storage Controller provides an optimal hardware platform for building out a Software Designed Storage ecosystem.

  • Lets OEMs and systems integrators create build-it-yourself SSD, HDD and Hybrid SSD/HDD storage solutions based on the performance needs of a particular application
  • Brings 16Gb Fibre Channel SAN connectivity to commodity SAS drives
  • Enables multiple servers to share the same pool of low-latency storage
  • Provides Industry leading latency and throughput performance for demanding applications including Big Data Analytics, Large Archives, Media & Entertainment Services and Hyperscale

Learn more about Software Defined Storage or how to build your own SDS infrastructure in our white paper.

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