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Scientific, medical, engineering and other high-performance environments demand equally high-performance storage solutions that push the limits of today’s solid-state drive devices. But expensive flash and hybrid storage arrays typically lack the necessary power to create flexible, high performance storage architectures.

With consistent latency measured at under 4 microseconds, ATTO’s FibreBridge™ 7500 Storage Controller has the lowest latency of any storage product on the market. It allows multiple servers to share SSD storage at very high rates of speed — up to 1.47 million IOPS. This eliminates the need for each server to have its own high-priced, dedicated, non-sharable SSD or flash storage. And with support for high capacity HDDs, it delivers cost savings through improved storage utilization and consolidation.

Download this brief to learn how users can deploy ATTO’s 7500 Storage Controller with HGST’s Ultrastar® 12GB SAS hard disk and solid-state drives to create tiered high-speed SSD and high-capacity HDD solutions that aggregate up to 2.4 PB of storage. 

In this article:

  • Why Use an External Storage Controller? 
  • Software Defined Storage
  • Solutions Benefits
  • How ATTO and HGST Bring Best in Class Storage Performance for the Enterprise

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