ATTO Target Mode Driver Software Developer Kit

ATTO Target Mode Driver Software Developer Kit

ATTO Target Mode driver makes any storage device appear as native Fibre Channel using ATTO ExpressSAS® HBAs and ATTO Celerity™ Fibre Channel HBAs running at near line speed, optimized for your platform.

You can implement ATTO Target Mode via industry standard, and therefore more accessible, interfaces or use our highly customizable interface.  LIO (Linux I/O) and SCST (SCSI Target Subsystem) present an interface into several off-the-shelf preset modules that include virtual and physical disks, RAID controllers, and tape, where devices can use any link that supports SCSI-style data exchange.  Similar options are available for illumos and FreeBSD.

The custom ATTO SCSI Target Mode Driver interface unlocks programming and fine-tuning flexibility for virtually unlimited performance possibilities. With this, developers can elevate their product well above the competition and stand out as a performance leader.  By custom crafting drivers for your storage solution, you are in complete control of performance specifications, compatibility, and integration. Performance tuning isn’t the only advantage gained by using ATTO drivers.

Simplify management through ATTO ConfigTool™ with which administration, troubleshooting and management of multiple paths to storage are organized and streamlined.  ATTO MultiPath Director™ provides flexible connectivity where Windows®, Linux and Mac® workstations can be mixed in a heterogeneous environment.

Key Features:

  • Run both initiator and target-mode devices with a single driver
  • FreeBSD, illumos, and Linux OS driver source code
  • Improved API between HBA driver and target mode for increased stability and reliability
  • Common code across protocols for easy implementation of Fibre Channel and SAS solutions
  • Multiple queue support

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce time-to-market using industry-leading Fibre Channel adapters
  • Access to world-class design & technical support
  • Design flexibility to support developer’s driver framework

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Storage server solution developers often struggle with a lack of complete control and flexibility in creating capabilities that differentiate their products. Easy-to-build, quick-to-market differentiated high-performance storage solutions that save customers money can be a reality for OEMs, solution architects, and storage developers. The key is the custom ATTO Target Mode Driver controlling ATTO ExpressSAS® HBAs and ATTO Celerity™ Fibre Channel HBAs.

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