Access™ Developer

Companies that demonstrate significant industry leadership across multiple vertical markets or are identified by ATTO, are eligible for developer status. ATTO will work with Developer to create interoperability plans involving engineering support & customization of products as well as collaboration on specific marketing opportunities.

We recognize great value in partnering and have determined key initiatives that are available to all membership levels. Access encourages partners to take advantage of these initiatives as they mutually increase visibility and brand awareness. We have identified areas where our partners can incorporate and reciprocate Access benefits, including:

Access™ Program Benefits

The following program benefits are available to our Developer Members:

Marketing Opportunities - Collateral
  • Case Study/Success Story/Testimonials
  • Contributed Articles
  • Customizable Marketing Materials
  • E-Collateral Access
  • Partner-Specific Solution Guides
  • Partner-Specific Solution Pages
  • Partner-Specific White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Print Direct Mail Campaign (Negotiable)
  • Product Reviews
  • Quote/Expert Opinion
Marketing Opportunities - Event
  • Access to ATTO Resellers by Invitation
  • ATTO Trade Show Booth Participation
  • Industry or User Group Support
  • Partner-Sponsored Event
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Trade Show Loaner Units
Marketing Opportunities - Internet
  • ATTO's Resource Center
  • Electronic ATTO Newsletter (Monthly)
  • Electronic Email Campaign (Negotiable)
  • Plectronic Partner Newsletter
    (Quarterly - new member listing)
  • Webinar
Technical Training & Presentations
  • Partner Specific Quick Reference Guide
  • Technical Training
Interoperability, Certification & Testing
  • Approved Partner Listing
  • Development Units by Invitation
  • Evaluation Unit Discounts
  • Partner Product Testing
  • Performance Testing & Benchmarks
Partner Program Resources Program Membership Levels

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