FibreBridge® Fibre Channel to SAS Bridges

Easily add SAS storage into Fibre Channel SAN environments
Designed to support SAS or SATA Drives or Flash SSDs or tape units
Capable of supporting up to 240 drives for large pools of storage
Vendor agnostic for storage devices so you can mix different vendors’ products into pools

Fibre Channel to SAS Bridges

ATTO FibreBridge® products are specifically designed to allow data center infrastructures to easily connect SAS HDD, JBODs and tape devices into Fibre Channel based Storage Area Networks. This cost effective solution can allow both your existing legacy SAS & SATA based storage as well as your new storage to co-exist in an easy to manage, centralized storage pool or within your existing SAN.

One of the clear benefits of moving direct attached devices to a SAN is that you can pool your storage to get better utilization across multiple servers. With the on-the-fly re-configurability of the ATTO FibreBridge®, it is easy to reallocate those storage resources to other servers or extend them into larger pools while adding features such as device mapping and virtualization.

FibreBridge® utilizes ATTO’s unique intelligent Bridging Architecture which features ATTO distinctive Direct Data Routing Fabric and ATTO’s exclusive Virtual Device Manager to enable highly reliable storage solutions with minimal disruption.

ATTO FibreBridge® products are fully complaint with Fibre Channel and SAS specifications to assure ease of installation and flawless operation. Whether you need rack mounted, desktop, or an embedded form-factor, the ATTO FibreBridge family has you covered.

Advanced read ahead and write cache algorithms in the FibreBridge® give users the highest level of performance. Robust error processing enables the FibreBridge® to manage disk and communication errors between targets and initiators. Simple to use email notification for errors, along with embedded persistent error & trace logs, assist troubleshooting in the field to minimize downtime should an issue arise.

The ATTO FibreBridge® is used worldwide in many Extended Cluster environments where IT architectures require great distances between storage pools to provide data replication and resiliency. City-to-city or inter-Campus clusters can easily be architected using ATTO FibreBridge®. ATTO along with several of our partner’s software components have predefined recipes to easily build a reliable and proven solution. Other features include:

  • Enables architectures to share storage to multiple hosts with redundant paths to storage
  • Capable of scaling performance, connectivity and reliability with redundant controller support
  • Share tape drives or libraries to multiple backup servers for efficient backup & restore
  • Full data pass-through design ensures non-altering data flow through the bridge
  • Two 8Gb/s Fibre Channel ports by two x4 6Gb/s SAS connectors (8 phys)
  • Auto negotiates to 8Gb, 4Gb or 2Gb Fibre Channel to fit into any SAN environment.
  • 1.2GB/s sustained bandwidth to / from the SAN moves data efficiently
  • Up to 75,000 4K IOPS for fast access to your drives
  • 1U rackmount / desktop design easily mounts into IT infrastructure environments
  • ExpressNAV™ Storage Manager for easy remote configuration, management & diagnostics

8Gb/s Fibre Channel to 6Gb/s SAS Storage Controllers

FibreBridge® 6500
Transfer Rate:1200MB/s
Input Connectors:2 8Gb FC
Output Connectors:2 (x4) 6Gb SAS
Included SFPs/QSFPs2 SFP+'s