40GbE Network Interface Cards (NICs)

ATTO 40GbE NICs combine 40GbE throughput and ultra-low latency to enable high-performance applications such as 4k/8k video streaming and editing in media and entertainment environments, and data center aggregation in IT. RoCEv2 enables <1us MPI ping latency, ensuring the fullest utilization of 40GbE bandwidth. In order to take full advantage of 40GbE bandwidth, RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) provides ultra-low latency enabling near-line rate 40GbE speed. ATTO 40GbE FastFrame NICs are the highest-performing and feature robust 40GbE adapters available in the market.

  • Easy to phase in 40GbE upgrades from 10GbE
  • Backwards compatible with the 10GbE standard and can be used in 10GbE environments
  • Offer better CPU utilization and lower power consumption to move more data using less power providing a better total cost of ownership

Product: Data Rate:Transfer Rate:Ports:Bus Type:
FastFrame™ NQ41 Direct Attach Interface 40Gb/s5GB/s1PCIe 3.0
FastFrame™ NQ41 QSFP+ Optical Interface 40Gb/s5GB/s1PCIe 3.0
FastFrame™ NQ42 QSFP+ Optical Interface 40Gb/s10GB/s2PCIe 3.0
FastFrame™ NQ42 Direct Attach Interface 40Gb/s10GB/s2PCIe 3.0