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Fibre Channel Switches

FibreConnect 16Gb and 8Gb switches provide easy to implement Fibre Channel SAN connectivity. High-performance, low-latency and scalable, FibreConnect switches are ideal for collaborative workgroups and small-to-midsized data centers. ATTO Fibre Connect Switches:

The FibreConnect switches are the perfect complement to ATTO’s Celerity™ Fibre Channel host bus adapters and ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ adapters offering a complete end-to-end SAN connectivity solution.

  • Include SFPs
  • Designed, built and tested for low latency to ensure smooth and reliable data transfers
  • Guaranteed uninterrupted bandwidth for time-sensitive applications
  • Facilitates collaborative workflows allowing multiple users to share media resources, increasing productivity
  • Pay-as-you-grow options enable organizations to add FibreChannel ports at their own pace in an affordable, flexible and non-disruptive manner
  • Simplifies administration with easy implementation and comprehensive management tools
  • Industry's only comprehensive SAN solution for Mac OS X
  • Fully tested and interoperable SAN solution

Every SAN is unique and may require a different level of technical support. ATTO offers onsite support, extended warranty and advanced part replacement options for FibreConnect switches in order to meet specific business requirements. Contact your ATTO sales representative to learn more.

Product: Speed Ports Power SupplyAggregate Bandwidth
FibreConnect 1612-D00 16Gbps 24-ports / 12 active Single 384 Gb/s
FibreConnect 1612-D02 16Gbps 24-ports / 12 active Dual 384 Gb/s
FibreConnect 1624-D02 16Gbps 48-ports / 24 active Dual 768 Gb/s
FibreConnect 1648-D02 16Gbps 48-ports / 48 active Dual 768 Gb/s
FibreConnect 8308-D00 8Gbps 24-ports / 8 active Single 192 Gb/s
FibreConnect 8316-D00 8Gbps 24-ports / 16 active Single 192 Gb/s
FibreConnect 8324-D00 8Gbps 24-ports / 24 active Single 192 Gb/s