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XstreamCORE Fibre Channel and Ethernet Models

A better way to build performance Scale-up / Scale-out SAN Storage!

We have come up with the better way to build your storage infrastructure! It really is as simple as separating the high-value storage controller from the commodity storage components to make the most powerful and flexible enterprise-class storage for your server, cluster or cloud infrastructures. By separating the various components, you can architect your storage based on what you want and what your needs are. Need more flash, add any flash JBOD or array. Need more spinning drives, sure add them as well. Want to mix Flash and drives – sure you can do that too. How about mixed vendors – yes, you can do that too. XstreamCORE supports up to 240 drives (extendable to 960 devices for our OEM partners). ATTO engineered our XstreamCORE products to put you back in control to build your storage infrastructure for what you need.

Changing the cost equation:

When you consolidate the performance into a single independent SAN Storage controller you change the overall cost model. Now you only pay for the added commodity level JBODs and devices, rather than being forced to add the additional expense of more controllers. With enough performance to drive full racks of drives, it doesn’t take long before you become a hero for saving significant money.

But that’s only half the story. What about performance?

We build our independent SAN storage controller, XstreamCORE, to be the most powerful controller available – outperforming any competition, even from Flash arrays. With our eye-popping 1.2M - 4K IOPS and 6.4GB/s throughput with less than 4 microseconds of added latency, we dare any controller company to beat our specs!

How do we do it? We apply our nearly 30 years of innovation history and experience in SSDs, server adapters and storage interface technology for some of the most demanding OEMs in the industry into every XstreamCORE design we make. We have developed our chipsets to with our xCORE™ Data Acceleration technology that drives multiple parallel I/O acceleration engines to move data fast. It is amazing what you can do with this blazing speed to build new architectures for your application needs.

Managing all those drives gets even simpler!

Everyone knows that large scale drive pools are awesome for scaling needs, but without management of all those devices, those pools can get challenging. That’s why XstreamCORE provides common, open storage services to simply integrate with industry standard APIs. Also, you can now simply manage large numbers of different devices into usable pools through XstreamCORE’s group & persistent device reservations management, virtualized devices services, storage routing and host / LUN mapping functions.

So what else can XsteamCORE do?

  • Move data up to 4x faster — ATTO’s DataMover technology can easily move data within the storage pools without the need to use any server CPU, memory, networks or storage fabrics. What this means to you is, that not only do you free up all that system level bandwidth, but the XstreamCORE products can make those copies up to 4X faster.
  • Aggregate multiple units for more performance and redundancy — Because the XstreamCORE allows you to see all the storage LUNs behind it, you can easily add multiple controllers into your storage architecture to provide not only redundant paths, but also to enable the ability to manage the optimization of bandwidth in your architecture designs.
  • High-performance protocol bridging — The XstreamCORE attaches to SAS storage (devices, JBODS, RAID arrays or Flash storage) and connects it into either your Fibre Channel or your Ethernet based SAN. So Bridging is definitely a key function. ExtremeCORE is so fast, you will probably get a performance bump just attaching it to a faster interface.
  • Remote your storage — Because the XstreamCORE uses Fibre Channel or Ethernet to attach to the storage, you can easily remote SAS storage away from CPU racks for easier placement and management within your datacenter.
  • Build stretch clusters — The ATTO XstreamCORE is used worldwide in many Extended Cluster environments where IT architectures require great distances between storage pools to provide data replication and resiliency. City-to-city or inter-Campus clusters can easily be architected using ATTO XstreamCORE. ATTO along with several of our partner’s software components have predefined recipes to easily build a reliable and proven solution.
  • Build your own flash storage — Building out your own flash storage with XStreamCORE as the controller is now easier than ever. ATTO works directly with many of the industry’s top Flash drive and storage enclosure companies to provide you simple and easy recipes to “build your own” with confidence. Just ask how we can help make that happen.

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