Build the world’s fastest storage product

Ready to be integrated into your chassis to build the world’s fastest storage product, ATTO XstreamCORE 9400 embedded JBOF storage controllers are designed to add 100Gb Ethernet connectivity to flash NVMe drives.

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If you are an OEM, Systems Integrator or provider of private-label storage products, and are looking to differentiate your offerings with industry leading low latency, contact ATTO today.  Our team work with you to design the right controller interface that meets your cost and performance needs.

Technical Features:

  • Deterministic latency of ~1µs
  • Bandwidth up to 24GB/s per controller
  • Up to 6.4 million IOPS per controller
  • (4) 100Gb Ethernet host ports per controller
  • Full NVMeoF RoCE v2 support

Reimagining performance and data movement

NVMe SSD storage and fabric connectivity hold great promise for data center storage, however, traditional JBOF controllers introduce significant latency to NVMe storage, accounting for almost 90% of access time delays.

These unpredictable variations impact system performance, especially at peak demand.  Enter ATTO.

As a storage connectivity innovator for over 30 years, ATTO is the first to re-imagine performance and data movement in the storage array.

Why embed an ATTO XstreamCORE?

  • Rapid product development with fewer internal resources
  • Easy scaling on next-generation designs
  • Proven 5th-generation xCORETM acceleration technology
  • Utilization of your current management and control interfaces
  • Your customers get the highest performing NVMe JBOF product on the market

Key Product Benefits

Advanced Analytics

Better understand storage utilization, reduce troubleshooting and get the most value from today's ultra-fast storage.

  • Sophisticated, real-time performance analytics

  • Analyze NVME drive performance, controller performance and up through the Ethernet fabric for a complete unique view of overall system performance

  • Easily integrated with OEM software

5th Generation Acceleration

Exclusive ATTO xCORETM and eCORETM technologies separate the data and control paths while creating optimized interconnections between drives and storage networks.

  • Delivers 6.4 M IOPS with up to 24GB/s sustained performance per controller

  • Adds only 1 μsec latency, even during peak load

OEM Customization

Highly scalable architecture delivers performance at a price that works for a diverse line of products.

  • Customizable form-factors

  • Unique hardware configurations

  • Embedded processor cores

  • Full and flexible management capability for custom commands

Partner with ATTO

For over 30 years, ATTO has been the industry leader in creating low-latency connectivity solutions. As a partner to major OEMs, ATTO has dedicated development labs with complete hardware engineering and design capabilities in-house. Our engineering team becomes an extension of yours, fully supporting the development process in order to maximize performance while saving time and resources.

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