Build your most comprehensive storage and compute intensive environment

Enable the full power and performance of NVMe to capture, access and transform data crucial to accelerating business growth with ATTO ExpressNVM™ NVMe Switch Adapters.

ExpressNVM, a high-performance, ultra-low latency solution designed for applications like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Edge Computing, and Virtualization, connects up to 16 PCIe Gen 4 NVMe drives, adding complete enterprise-grade management and scalability that is otherwise unavailable.  ExpressNVM delivers a cost-effective large-capacity solution that allows users to enjoy the high performance of NVMe SSDs.

Unprecedented NVMe management and flexibility

Enhance NVMe storage management capabilities with ExpressNVM's drive configuration and analytics engine. ATTO ExpressNVM restores crucial management features needed by IT admins that enhance NVMe storage deployment and performance. The onboard FPGA implements innovative management tools that allow device containment, drive health and reliability monitoring, predictive failure analyses, extensive telemetry and logging information, and act as a gateway for OS integration and firmware updates.

Boost performance & Reduce TCO

Unlock enterprise-grade storage expansion and management capabilities with a solution that fully harnesses the potential of NVMe. ATTO ExpressNVM is the answer to tighter IT budgets and the exponential growth of data to deliver the performance and desired economics of data at scale. Inbox driver support, persistent drive connectivity, secure UEFI boot and hot swap enable data centers to reduce downtime and maximize ROI.

Innovative features to maximize performance

ExpressNVM adapters provide enterprise-class options for NVMe solid state drives (SSDs), while delivering innovative features to maximize ROI and prevent user downtime.


Build persistent and scalable drive groups to support growing capacity and performance needs.


A multi-core architecture delivers unparalleled performance with the most efficient port utilization.


Improved storage management and analytics for granular insights to reduce downtime.

NVME Switch Host Adapters

ExpressNVM S48F
Number of Drives Supported:8x4 lanes
Drive Types:M.2, U.2, U.3, EDSFF
PCIe Host Connection:x16 PCIe 4.0
NVMe Phys:32
Connector Style:SlimSAS
Included Optics
ExpressNVM S4FF
Number of Drives Supported:16x2 lanes
Drive Types:M.2, U.2, U.3, EDSFF
PCIe Host Connection:x16 PCIe 4.0
NVMe Phys:32
Connector Style:SlimSAS
Included Optics


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