Enabling Enterprise-Class NVMe Acceleration.

ATTO ExpressNVM™ Smart NVMe Switch Host Adapters allow you to build high-performance NVMe storage arrays for local and distributed storage networks.  Easily scale-out your data storage solution to support today’s performance-hungry applications like real time financial transactions and machine learning.

Boost Performance & Reduce TCO

Detect and track the health and performance of your NVMe adapters and drives with ATTO’s robust suite of out-of-band management and analytic tools that provide enterprise-level management capabilities without impacting performance or latency.  Our software allows users to track and monitor:

  • Health and reliability statistics, including thermals, capacity utilization, and wear leveling
  • Device isolation and containment
  • NVMe drive vendor configuration profiles
  • User alerts based on NVMe health and performance

Better with [ATTO] NVMe

Supporting PCIe Gen 4 technology, ExpressNVM prevents misbehaving drives from affecting performance of other drives through drive isolation, which provides users a consistent and reliable performance.


Innovative Features to Maximize Performance

ExpressNVM adapters provide enterprise class options for NVMe solid state drives (SSDs), while delivering innovative features to maximize ROI and prevent user downtime.


Eliminate downtime and get to work faster with ATTO exclusive management and analytics software, which leverages ATTO eCORE™  technology to allow users to effectively collect statistics, monitor health and performance, based on specific needs, and fix problems quickly.


With multiple adapter configurations, not only can you scale up but also scale down to meet various desired drive and backplane configurations.


By using an independent switch, you control the data flow and can see drive performance.


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