25Gb Ethernet, SFP28

Model No. SFPX-0025-R00

You're working in a high-performance environment with state-of-the-art computer components - you need to trust that your cables are reliable. ATTO's engineering team rigorously tests and qualifies our cables to ensure the best quality available. ATTO cables and accessories are premium-quality, professional-grade products available to fit multiple application needs. Other lesser quality cables, terminators or accessories can cause data integrity and performance problems. Trust ATTO cables for your needs. You trust ATTO for your storage connectivity; don't overlook the importance of choosing cables. Choose ATTO for all of your cabling needs.

  • 25Gb/s Ethernet with transceiver with SFP28 connector
  • Compatible with ATTO FastFrame Ethernet Adapters and ThunderLink Thunderbolt Adapters
  • Rigorously tested with a wide array of peripheral storage hardware
  • Ensures the cleanest signal for smooth and reliable data transfers
  • High quality cables reduce downtime and troubleshooting time
  • Multimode Fiber
  • Max cable distance: 100m @OM4, 70m @OM3
  • 1 Year Warranty


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