Redefining Data Center Storage Architectures

Connect virtually any type of block storage over Fibre Channel or Ethernet networks using only XstreamCORE intelligent protocol Bridges. Share, manage and aggregate to refine and accelerate your storage networks. Exclusive technologies accelerate operations and minimize latency while built-in, comprehensive management capabilities allow for even the most demanding configurations.

Extend, Enhance and Simplify Network Storage

ATTO XstreamCORE allows you to disaggregate storage from compute resources thus eliminating the expense of more servers and additional software licensing fees. With a slender footprint capable of driving full racks of storage, it doesn’t take long before you become a hero for saving significant budget dollars.

Making Backup and Archiving Work for You

ATTO XstreamCORE introduces a better approach for more efficient and effective data center backup and archiving infrastructure design.

Trying to backup from multiple servers and workstations to a single tape library creates a snowball effect of regrettable compromises. A system like this relies on at least one server dedicated to playing traffic cop while the other nodes have to hurry up and wait. The result is routinely incomplete backups or backups that take forever and a day to finish.

If your backup protocol involves disconnecting the physical tape drive and moving it around the office or studio that’s not only taking a risk damaging the hardware but also in exposing your valuable data to unauthorized people.

ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200T addresses these problems by remotely sharing up to sixteen SAS LTO tape drives over high-speed Ethernet. Now, clients, servers and tape machines can communicate independently.

Get data to its destination FASTER

ATTO intelligent Bridging Architecture™ combines powerful hardware and software to deliver “anything to anything” connectivity.

Don’t let overhead bog down your network

ATTO XstreamCORE accelerates all SCSI, iSCSI and TCP commands directly in the hardware without CPU intervention or context switching.

Reconfigure your storage network instantly

ATTO Host Group Mapping allows you to assign or share drives connected to XstreamCORE to multiple or individual host servers.

Improve Tape Performance by 20%

ATTO SpeedWrite™ keeps the data pipeline filled, boosting write performance to tape. Multiple hosts can each be talking to different tape drives and all hosts benefit from SpeedWrite’s early response mechanism.

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Unbeatable Real Time Performance Analytics

XstreamCORE intelligent bridges provide performance monitoring tools that are integrated into hardware – so no performance penalties. IOPS, throughput, latency, distribution and a host of other network data points are measured with granularity that allows you to identify potential issues and make adjustments quickly. For OEMs, all of these tools can be integrated into your existing software packages for enhanced single-pane monitoring.

Exclusive Technology that Accelerates Data Transfers

Using proprietary xCORE and eCORE technologies, XstreamCORE is optimized to take advantage of flash capabilities by adding almost no additional latency, guaranteeing faster access time to your data. eCORE manages the control path, so XstreamCORE can handle all non-data requests from the host and process them in the background, while xCORE manages the data path and assures that all reads and writes are processed as fast as possible. Learn more about xCORE and eCORE technologies.

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Fibre Channel to SAS intelligent Bridges

XstreamCORE FC 7600
Host Connectivity:(2) 32Gb/s Fibre Channel
Storage Connectivity:4 (x4) 12Gb SAS
Total Latency:< 4us
IOP Performance:1.1M
Bandwidth Transfer Rate:6,000 MB/s
Included Optics2 SFP+

Ethernet to SAS intelligent Bridges

XstreamCORE ET 8200
Host Connectivity:(2) 40Gb Ethernet
Storage Connectivity:4 (x4) 12Gb SAS
Total Latency:< 2us
IOP Performance:1.1M
Bandwidth Transfer Rate:6,000 MB/s
Included Optics2 QSFP+


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