XstreamCORE FC 7600

32Gb/s Fibre Channel (2-Port) to SAS intelligent Bridge

Model No. XCFC-7600-002

ATTO XstreamCORE intelligent bridges are high-performance accelerated protocol conversion appliances which add shared storage benefits to SAS storage but at direct attached speeds. XstreamCORE provides remote access to SAS storage enabling storage owners to disaggregate storage from server hardware using JBOD, JBOF, RAID or Tape Storage. Use cases include mapping one or many individual drives to space limited rack or blade servers, remapping attached drives from failed servers to replacement servers, adding shared capabilities to direct attached storage and remotely locating direct attached disk or tape devices.

Optimized for high performance with multiple hardware acceleration engines, XstreamCORE provides industry-leading performance to up to 64 servers with less than 4 microseconds of added latency. XstreamCORE enables a common set of services and features and is engineered with an open design that does not alter the data path. ATTO intelligent bridges keep overall storage solutions flexible without locking users into proprietary hardware implementations. XstreamCORE is a modular building block with technology that allows SysAdmins to reduce resource load while decoupling storage from server resources.

The XstreamCORE FC 7600 achieves up to 1.1M 4K IOPS or 6GB/s throughput per bridge with only 4 microseconds of added latency. XstreamCORE supports Extended Copy (LID1) data mover commands and will offload up to 5.2GB/s of data from CPU, memory, networks and storage fabrics leaving more resources for VMs and applications running on the host. Build solutions with up to 240 SAS SSD/HDD devices behind a pair of bridges and better manage, monitor and utilize this storage with current and future features built into XstreamCORE.

ATTO XstreamCORE  intelligent bridges can be tuned for various applications that require common features and services for storage. Contact us to discuss development or co-development of services and features to tightly integrate with your solution. Embedded form factor is also available. (Qualified customers only)

XstreamCORE Use Cases

  • XstreamCORE enables several different use cases to off-load host CPU and memory resources and storage fabric and network bandwidth from data moving responsibilities, XstreamCORE can offload up to 5.2GB/s of data from CPU and network infrastructures. This can integrate with tiering software so the intelligent bridge handles the movement of data from tier to tier.
  • ATTO intelligent bridges enable long distance connectivity for business continuity solutions such as a stretch cluster, campus cluster or metropolitan cluster. Write data synchronously or asynchronously at multiple sites to avoid downtime, disaster or being out of touch with your data.
  • Operating systems automatically leverage hardware data mover functionality featured in the ATTO intelligent bridge. XstreamCORE is certified with VMware vSphere and VAAI to offload data movement between storage. ATTO intelligent bridge is also the only product that enables XCOPY data movement between RAID Arrays from any manufacturer.
  • XstreamCORE lets storage architects convert direct attached storage to shared storage while maintaining data without data migration. This can turn existing direct attached RAID Arrays into shared storage to improve completion time of live migrations such as VMware vMotion from hours down to minutes.
  • XstreamCORE lets organizations repurpose existing storage and keep using it on a SAN when they replace existing storage.
  • XstreamCORE can be used to share SSDs as cache with application that allow SysAdmins to assign cache. Use 16Gb Fibre Channel to share a pool of SSDs across multiple servers without requiring multiple shelves of SSD per server.
  • XstreamCORE intelligent bridges are also available in embeddable form factors that can be integrated with storage enclosures, servers or appliances to round out a solution set.

  • xCORE™ Acceleration Technology to eliminate bottlenecks
  • eCORE™ Control Engine adds common, open storage services
  • XstreamVIEW™ remote management user interface for configuration, monitoring and management of ATTO intelligent bridge products.
  • Host LUN Mapping initiator to LUN mapping
  • Drive Map Director™ patented SAS device mapping
  • Support for Extended Copy (LID1) to offload CPU, memory and storage fabrics
  • XstreamCORE uses ATTO patented technology (US Patents #US7836225B2, US8291132B2, US7788324B2, US8504770B2)

Host Connectivity:

  • Two 32Gb/s Fibre Channel ports
  • Auto negotiates to 32Gb, 16Gb, or 8Gb Fibre Channel
  • Includes two optical 32Gb/s LC SFP+ modules
  • Multi-initiator access for all attached storage

Storage Connectivity:

  • Four x4 12Gb/s Mini-SAS HD connectors (16 phys)
  • Supports SAS processor devices
  • Supports up to 240 drives (extendable to 960 for qualified customers)
  • Supports SAS and SATA flash solid state disk drives (SSD)
  • Supports SAS and SATA hard disk drives (HDDs)
  • Supports SAS Tape Drives and Libraries
  • Supports SAS/SATA Optical Drives
  • Supports Shingled Magnetic Recording Archive Drives (SMR)
  • Supports RAID arrays (Multiple LUNs behind a target)


  • Up to 6GB/s sustained transfer rate
  • Up to 1.1M 4K IOPS per bridge
  • 4 microsecond end-to-end latency


  • VMware Ready with VAAI certification
  • Supports IVP4 & IPV6 support for management port
  • SNIA Redfish/Swordfish supported
  • Full SES support
  • SNMP and SNMP MIB support
  • Built in temperature monitoring
  • Statistic Reporting for SAS and Fibre Channel ports
  • SNMP, SNTP, Telnet, FTP, iCMP
  • Persistent Event Log gathers at least 40,000 hardware, software and network events


  • Top-of-rack bridge
  • Dual hot-swappable power supplies
  • No batteries
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Advanced integration available for OEM applications
  • 2 year standard product warranty
  • Optional 5 year total warranty and advanced replacement available

All finished good 7600 SKUs include: ATTO XstreamCORE 7600 intelligent bridge, RJ45 cable, power cord, small rack mounting kit, corporate brochure, getting started guide

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