Dell and ATTO Technology

Dell PowerVault Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

The PowerVault MD3060e is a 60-drive enclosure. The PowerVault exhibits high-bandwidth as well as high-performance storage on a wide range of applications. The product also provides high availability and speed while remaining flexible to consolidate data storage.

  • Advanced Data Streaming™—ADS latency management technology is built into every ATTO host bus adapter (HBA) and RAID controller, providing the fastest, most consistent time-to-data, delivering the best-in-industry aggregate bandwidth and predictable data transfers for high-performance applications
  • CacheAssure™—Uses supercap technology to protect cached data for up to 10 years. Manages data during power up and power down. Eliminates battery-related maintenance, reducing IT costs
  • DriveAssure™—Repairs drives to prevent premature failures and slowdowns to maximize system uptime. Also ensures 100 percent throughput during data rebuilds
  • Adaptive Path Optimization™—Intelligently senses multiple paths to drives and increases I/O for up to a 70 percent performance improvement. Also eliminates single points of failure in storage connections

Dell PowerVault Topology

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Compatible Operating Systems:

Windows 10,
Windows Server 2013 R2,
Windows Server 2008 R2
SUSE Linux,
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5,
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS,
Debian 7.4