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The MetroHA Business Continuity Solution depend on ATTO Storage Controllers and Fibre Channel HBAs

A stretch cluster is a software defined storage (SDS) business continuity solution configured with host systems located at multiple sites. These sites may be across metropolitan areas or at the same campus or facility maintaining 24/7 uptime access to data with high resiliency. Data centers may be located on different floors of a data center or many kilometers apart. A primary reason that a stretch cluster is installed is for downtime avoidance during a disaster or even during maintenance windows plus in the event of a disaster, disaster recovery to recover any lost data at the primary or secondary site.

Software Defined Storage Topology

The high availability and data mobility that stretch clusters provide make them one of the most reliable and flexible solutions that IT administrators can implement to maintain synchronous copies of data between multiple sites. A stretch cluster also will allow automatic failover/failback between sites to maintain continuous access to data.

Benefits of Stretch Clusters

  • Increased on-site data availability
  • Zero planned and unplanned downtime
  • Keep production sites running non-stop
  • Avoid data loss or loss of access to data in the event of a single-site disaster
  • Provide a high performance medium to migrate virtual machines

ATTO Storage Controllers enable NexentaStor MetroHA to use direct attached SAS storage for long distance connection between data centers with quick deployment and low maintenance. ATTO Storage Controllers and ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs were Engineered to work together and with the lowest latency and highest performance giving NexentaStor MetroHA solutions the ability to scale in storage. ATTO FibreBridge, XstreamCORE and Celerity products are fully tested and certified with NexentaStor and MetroHA.

NexentaStor MetroHA provides a synchronous storage solution with the ability to store data on two disparate sites utilizing ZFS end-to-end data integrity allowing for the best possible uptime while ensuring data integrity when transferred over the WAN.

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