EonStor DS

Superior Performance Load balancing increases overall system performance by using more than one Fibre Channel path to transfer data Improved Productivity Workstations and servers can share storage, enabling collaborative workflows and real-time access to data to meet tight deadlines Continuous Uptime Automatic path and storage controller failover and failback provides uninterrupted access to data Flexible Connectivity Mix Windows, Linux and Mac workstations and servers in a heterogeneous environment; connect laptops and all-in-ones into the existing Fibre Channel SAN with ATTO Technology's Thunderbolt™ enabled devices Simplified Management EonStor storage is easily expanded and managed, while the ATTO ConfigTool™ simplifies administration and troubleshooting of multiple paths to storage Flexible, Future-proof Configuration With systems ranging from 2U 12-bay to 4U 60-bay, the EonStor DS family allows enterprises to build storage capacity on demand. Modular hardware means redundancy and easy upgrades.