Quantum and ATTO Technology

Quantum Backup and Recovery - Archive & Data Protection

Enterprises and small-to-medium-sized business environments alike face escalating data storage needs. In many situations, that data must also be archived to meet compliance requirements. Quantum's Scalar™ Intelligent Tape Libraries provide a scalable, reliable, low-cost solution for long-term data storage. When used in combination with ATTO's ExpressSAS® host bus adapters (HBAs) or Thunderbolt™ connectivity products, they benefit from low-latency, high-bandwidth workstation connectivity to ensure consistent data transfers.

  • Advanced Data Streaming Technology (ADS™) latency-management technology is built into every ATTO HBA and RAID controller, providing the fastest, most consistent time-to-data, delivering the best-in-industry aggregate bandwidth and predictable data transfers for high-performance applications.

Quantum Scalar Topology

Compatible Operating Systems:

Windows® 8, 7, 10, Server 2012 R2, Server 2008 R2
SUSE Linux,
Red Hat Linux
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