Western Digital Ultrastar SMR HDDs

Western Digital’s long collaboration with ATTO Technology is based on a shared insight into the storage and data infrastructure needs of today’s complex enterprise environments. Together, we are preparing users for the next wave of performance challenges.

With data and storage continuing to grow at unprecedented rates, the capacity enterprise market is starting to see an emergence of new storage segments that are predominately sequential, highly accessible, and at unprecedented capacity points. To effectively service these new segments requires a purpose-built solution that leverages innovation such as host managed Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR).

To capitalize on the capacity advantages of host managed SMR, customers need to make certain changes to their data ecosystem including modifying the host software or host application, sequentializing data streams and incorporating new command sets. Because host based SMR is becoming more ubiquitous, the investment is fully leveraged for subsequent generations of SMR products and even recording technologies. By building today’s highest-capacity SMR storage solutions on the helium-filled HDD platform, Western Digital is addressing the pressing need for true enterprise-grade mass storage at a compelling total cost of ownership (TCO).

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