Add External Storage to VMware vSAN™ with ATTO XstreamCORE®

VMware vSANTM users need a reliable, cost-effective and flexible way to disaggregate storage from vSAN nodes.  ATTO XstreamCORE intelligent Bridges are the solution, allowing vSAN admins to grow and deploy storage without traditional limitations.

With ATTO XstreamCORE intelligent Bridges, vSAN system architects can add external JBOD storage to vSAN nodes by creating a direct-attached storage environment using Fibre Channel as the transport protocol.

Key Solution Benefits

  • Flexible - Grow and deploy storage as needed
  • Easy - No Modification to VMware ESXITM or vSAN required
  • Resilient - Full multipathing support
  • Economical - Expand storage without the need to add more nodes.

XstreamCORE is quick to install and configure, allowing the use of JBODs for storage expansion in vSAN environments.  They are virtually invisible to storage networks, allowing vSAN to seamlessly configure and mange the newly disaggregated storage and provide other key functions.

Read how ATTO ran the VMware vSAN REadyNodeTM certification suite with XstreamCORE in the white paper "DAS Over FC Technology Allows ATTO to Disaggregate Storage and Complete vSAN Certification Suite".

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