Gain external storage advantages at direct-attach speeds

Traditional options to build out VMware vSAN® environments come with limitations. Purchasing new nodes can be costly, replacing drives within existing nodes creates downtime, and adding external JBODs is difficult or impossible. Customers couldn’t fully leverage their vSAN architecture.

ATTO Technology has developed and tested a solution to address these problems.

ATTO Technology, Inc. has completed the VMware vSAN® ReadyNode certification suite in a manner that has never been done before and will allow users to fully leverage their vSAN architecture.

ATTO XstreamCORE® intelligent Bridges add flexible, external storage to vSAN by creating a direct-attached storage environment with disaggregation using Fibre Channel as the transport protocol.

This collaborative solution enables distributed vSAN architectures that were previously unavailable.

Read our white paper for complete details.

Key Solution Benefits

  • Build a distributed architecture
  • Grow and deploy storage as needed
  • No modification to VMware ESXI® or vSAN required
  • Redundancy levels achieved using default domains
  • Full multipathing supported

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