Simplify and Streamline Data Center Virtualization

Virtualization technologies are rapidly becoming the foundation of modern data centers as IT managers seek dramatic improvements in resource and operational efficiencies as well as responsiveness to business needs. Three key technologies are significant: (i) Server Virtualization, (ii) Fabric Virtualization and (iii) Storage Virtualization.

ATTO offers high performance, reliable bridge and fibre channel products and solutions that can assist companies in implementing data center virtualization.

ATTO Solution Key Benefits

  • Cost effective deployment of new applications
  • Faster, flexible provisioning for new applications, dynamic resizing of servers for growing applications and development and test platforms
  • Easier workload balancing, incident resumption and disaster recovery
  • Improved scalability for large or rapidly growing server and virtual server environments
  • Reduced management from the network edge to the center of the SAN
  • Support for multiple SAN configurations without reduced functionality

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Data Center Virtualization Topology

VMware ready storage