Fibre Channel HBAs

Fibre Channel continues to be a key part of the storage infrastructure supporting virtualization in the data center and for SMEs because of its security and dedicated bandwidth for mission critical operations. The latest versions of VMware vSphere ESXi, combined with next generation 32Gb Fibre Channel technology provide a compelling story for users who demand the highest performance even as they put more demands on their ever-growing storage infrastructure.

VMware Fibre Channel HBAs

  • Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) ADS latency management technology is built into every ATTO host bus adapter (HBA) providing the fastest, most consistent time-to-data, delivering the best-in-industry aggregate bandwidth and predictable data transfers for high-performance applications.
  • MultiPath Director™ A proprietary technology available on ATTO Fibre Channel host bus adapters that enable Mac® and Windows® workstations to connect directly to enterprise-class storage with redundant bridges, providing failover and load balancing capabilities across multiple paths to the storage
  • vConfigTool™ provides centralized management and monitoring in VMware virtual environments.