NetApp MetroCluster™ High Availability Storage Solutions

ATTO Technology FibreBridge® 7600N Fibre Channel intelligent bridges are a core technology of the NetApp MetroCluster solution. They enable MetroCluster site-to-site connectivity up to 300 kilometers apart with redundant low-latency links. These intelligent bridges also allow MetroCluster the ability to load balance between data centers while providing failover and failback functionality. The performance capabilities of ATTO intelligent bridges enable the integration of multiple shelves of flash storage for MetroCluster installations with a resilient back-end storage architecture.

The inclusion of the ATTO FibreBridge intelligent bridges in the MetroCluster enables:

  • Increased availability and scalability while allowing the use of direct-attached storage (DAS) on a shared 8Gb or 16Gb Fibre Channel network
  • Connection of newer, faster and higher capacity solid-state disk (SSD) drive technology to a storage-area network (SAN)
  • Integration with NetApp® ONTAP® for diagnostics and management

ATTO FibreBridge® 7600N is a cost-effective SAN connectivity solution for MetroCluster.

ATTO FibreBridge 7600N enables integration of up to eight shelves of SSD storage into the MetroCluster with up to 10x performance improvement compared to the FibreBridge 6500N.

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