Accelerate Software Defined Storage Implementation

Enterprises today are under pressure to do more with less IT resources. While storage capacity requirements may double every 18 months on average, storage budgets remain relatively flat. At the same time, the rise of virtualization and private cloud deployments in data center infrastructure has created a need for greater agility and higher performance.

Software Defined Storage (SDS) provides a solution to many of the current challenges posed by the changing IT landscape. In contrast to traditional storage infrastructure, Software Defined Storage migrates features and services from the physical hardware to a software layer above storage. In addition to eliminating vendor lock-in, this enables cost reductions through the use of commodity servers and storage. It also allows for system capacity and performance to be easily scaled in response to changing business needs.

ATTO offers high performance, reliable bridge and fibre channel products and solutions for the implementation of software defined storage.

ATTO intelligent Bridge Key Benefits

  • Integrates with Software Defined Storage to add storage services and features
  • Adds Enterprise SAN and Management capabilities to of off-the-shelf SAS SSD Flash & HDD JBODs
  • Creates high performance, low latency shared storage without the need for expensive all-flash or hybrid storage arrays
  • Allows IT Administrators to map servers and clients to specific LUNs
  • Scales up with off-the-shelf storage or client/server access as needed

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Software Defined Storage Topology