Facilis Shared Storage Solutions

Facilis supports 8Gb, 16Gb and the latest 32Gb Fibre Channel from ATTO Technology.  You can also mix 1Gb, 10Gb, and 40Gb Ethernet clients with Fibre channel clients on the same storage. Use Facilis systems as the core of an end-to-end workflow with asset management and archive. Connect facility network clients to the same virtual volumes used by fibre-connected workstations or isolate the fibre channel workgroup outside your IT environment. Anything is possible.

Facilis found success integrating ATTO Fibre Channel, SAS, Ethernet and ThunderLink® products with their shared storage systems. Facilis Technology is consistently focused on increasing the performance of their products. By working closely with ATTO, Facilis was able to find a combination of hardware and software that optimizes the performance of their solutions. The decision to incorporate ATTO into Facilis products was based on its industry-proven technology, as well as the outstanding customer support they provide.

  • High-performance connectivity from ATTO for Facilis shared storage solutions.
  • Unique combination of technology from Facilis and ATTO to solve challenges of media professionals
  • Cross-platform support through the Facilis shared file system and block-level sharing