Convert DAS into a SAN

ATTO XstreamCORE® is an intelligent bridge that allows IT administrators to decouple their direct-attached external SAS storage and present the storage as part of the Fibre Channel fabric to multiple hosts. XstreamCORE intelligent bridges reduce live migration time by eliminating the need to migrate data. When a storage area network (SAN) is created using XstreamCORE, all physical hosts can see the storage on which virtual machines reside. This removes the need to migrate the Virtual Machines' data. The system state is the sole data that is required to be migrated by VMware vSphere® vMotion®.

DAS to SAN Topology

  • Use existing SAS storage to create a quick, safe, shared SAN
  • Greater redundancy by allowing a rapid restart of VMs in the event of a host/storage failure.
  • Low internal latency through the device means no added delays.
  • Options for growth and expansion become easier and less invasive. New hosts or technologies such as SDS can be added without disruption. JBODs and Flash storage become strong options for speed and application
  • Distance limitations of storage and server locations are eliminated.