Apple iSCSI Storage Connectivity Solutions

Xtend SANTM iSCSI Initiator for Mac® software effortlessly allows users to connect iSCSI storage via standard workstation Ethernet ports. It enables users to take advantage of networked storage without the complexity of a Fibre Channel SAN. With iSCSI, small businesses and workgroups can take full advantage of a SAN environment, even with limited IT budgets and resources.

iSCSI is an important enabler for key applications including collaborative digital video/audio workflows, laptop connectivity to SANs, and remote backups. Xtend SAN is the market leader for Mac iSCSI initiators providing users with an easy upgrade path to add iSCSI storage to their ecosystem. Xtend SAN had been rigorously tested with market leading products from iSCSI manufacturers with both 32 and 64 bit versions of the latest macOS® software, ensuring a high degree of interoperability and reliability.