4k / 8k Ethernet

Ethernet provides a cost-effective shared storage solution for small-to-midsize media production studios. Though 10GbE continues to play an important role in 4K workflows, new formats such as 8K require additional bandwidth.

4k / 8k Fibre Channel

New 8K and 4K video formats being adopted by the film/television industry for production come with new requirements to support those workflows. The move to new formats, along with the proliferation of CGI and special effects in everything from TV shows to movies, is driving a need for an infrastructure capable of supporting multiple Ultra High-definition video streams.

4k / 8k SAS/SATA

Direct-attached storage can provide a cost-effective, high performance solution for post-production environments. Demanding applications such as Ultra High-definition workflows can stress the capabilities of an adapter used to transfer data in and out of storage, however.

4k / 8k Thunderbolt

With portable 6K and 8K digital cinema cameras now becoming available from companies like RED, field production can generate staggering amounts of data—all of which needs to be catalogued and archived on-site before being transferred to the studio for editing and finishing. But the mobile computers used for this purpose have traditionally provided limited performance, along with connectivity options that fail to meet the bandwidth needs of the Ultra High Definition formats now in use by media professionals.

Active Archive

Enterprises and small-to-medium-sized business environments alike face escalating data storage needs. In many situations, that data must also be archived to meet compliance requirements.


Avid NEXIS shared storage is the preferred solution for media producers who need high-performance, collaborative media storage solutions that can adapt and grow as their business needs change. With more teams working remotely, support for distributed, yet collaborative, media workflows is crucial. Avid NEXIS F-series systems enable teams of all sizes to work from any location by delivering secure, remote access to media and metadata across online, nearline, cloud, and archive storage.

Creative Cloud

Adobe® Creative Cloud® provides an integrated ecosystem of apps and services, including Adobe Premiere® Pro, Adobe After Effects®, Adobe Photoshop®, and many other tools along with cloud storage and file-syncing so that projects can be accessed from remote locations and on mobile devices. With the full ATTO portfolio qualified for Creative Cloud, creatives and production teams are have full interoperability with the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of low-latency, high-bandwidth network and storage connectivity solutions.

Dell EMC

ATTO Technology, Inc. provides high-performance storage connectivity and infrastructure products.

Dell EMC PowerEdge

Dell's PowerEdge servers are engineered with a combination of features and performance scalability to handle tough workloads for both large and small data environments. Users can manage data overload and expanding virtual environments as well as power through data-intensive applications.

Dell Precision

Running specialized applications requires more than a traditional desktop computer. Speed up workflows, reduce time to market and pump out more product design iterations in less time with Dell Precision tower, rack and mobile workstations.

E-Series and EF-Series

ATTO Technology’s 32Gb, 16Gb and 8Gb Celerity™ single-, dual- and quad-channel host bust adapters (HBAs) with MultiPath Director™ technology, and 10Gb FastFrame™ Ethernet single-, dual- and quad-channel adapters, enable NetApp E-Series storage systems to directly connect to Linux®, Mac® and Windows® workstations and servers for a complete heterogeneous solution. This cost-effective solution features high bandwidth, low latency and completely redundant data transfers.


NetApp FAS and AFF series utilizes standard file-sharing protocols over existing Gigabit and 10Gb Ethernet infrastructures. ATTO FastFrame™ Ethernet network interface cards (NICs) provide smooth, predictable, low-latency 10Gb connectivity for Windows®, macOS® and Linux® clients to this environment.

Fibre Channel SAN

ATTO Technology Inc. redefines storage systems with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform.

G-SPEED Shuttle

G- Technology and ATTO Technology provide the joint solution creative pros need to support the most flexible workflows. As on-site work becomes more critical, users can bring the transportable G-Speed Shuttle storage as part of their key on-location production materials.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ

ATTO Technology Inc. and HPE have teamed to offer a high-end, completely redundant storage solution designed to enhance workflow and increase productivity by keeping content available in real time for multiple users.

HPE MSA Storage

ATTO Technology Inc. enables HPE qualified solutions that provide a wide range of connectivity options, maximize the availability of data and improve application in Fibre Channel and SAS storage environments.

HPE StoreEver

Enterprises and small-to-medium-sized business environments face escalating data storage needs. In many situations, data must be archived to meet compliance requirements.

Hybrid Storage

Hitachi and ATTO Technology redefines unified storage systems with Hitachi. Meet your requirements for application availability and performance with lower investment, and enjoy Hitachi reliability.

iSCSI Storage Connectivity

Xtend SANTM iSCSI Initiator for Mac® software effortlessly allows users to connect iSCSI storage via standard workstation Ethernet ports. It enables users to take advantage of networked storage without the complexity of a Fibre Channel SAN.

JetStor Fibre Channel SAN

4K video post-production already stresses the abilities of older storage systems. Studio managers are anticipating 8K and even higher jobs with greater detailed 3D assets will be the norm in the very near future.

Nyriad UltraIO

The streamlined editing process made possible by the combination of ATTO FastFrame SmartNICs and ThunderLink Thunderbolt adapters and Nyriad UltraIO storage system, and the peace of mind provided by the improved data resilience are truly transformative to a digital media studio's business and overall operational efficiency, providing a significant competitive advantage.


The collaboration of ATTO Celerity™ Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) and Thunderbolt™ adapters with Quantum QXS Hybrid Storage provides a high-performance workflow solution for multiple users. Designed for high performance, efficiency, reliability and scalability Quantum QXS hybrid storage portfolio optimizes flash and disk to significantly lower operating and capital costs.

Scale Out Storage

Hitachi NAS Platform utilizes standard file-sharing protocols over existing Gigabit and 10Gb Ethernet infrastructures. ATTO’s FastFrame™ Ethernet network interface cards (NICs) provide smooth, predictable, low-latency 10Gb connectivity for Windows®, macOS® and Linux® clients to this environment.

StorNext® Shared Storage

The collaboration of ATTO Celerity™ Fibre Channel HBAs and Thunderbolt™ Adapters with MultiPath Director™ and Quantum StorNext® Data management software provides a high-performance workflow solution that keeps shared data available for multiple users. This allows for significant gains in productivity, and minimal downtime, while achieving high-throughput performance and uninterrupted access to Quantum.


Facilis supports 8Gb, 16Gb and the latest 32Gb Fibre Channel from ATTO Technology.  You can also mix 1Gb, 10Gb, and 40Gb Ethernet clients with Fibre channel clients on the same storage.

Tiger Series

Designed to make working with Avid®, Adobe®, Apple® and all other creative and pipeline software easy and complete, Tiger workflow solutions simplify shared storage for users of all sizes and boost productivity and return on investment. With Tiger, purchase, setup, management, support and maintenance are simple and straightforward.


Our expertise in network and storage connectivity solutions has enabled us to provide innovative solutions for industry leading storage partners like HP.