Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 SATA II Desktop Disk Drive Problems

There is a known issue when using Seagate Barracuda Desktop (AS Series) SATA drives. This problem may cause drives to randomly go off-line or become completely transparent to the ATTO ExpressSAS 3Gb SAS RAID and HBA series of adapters (R380, R348, R30F, H380, H308, and H30F), as well as FastStream™ Storage Controllers (SC5500, SC7500, and SC8500). Seagate strongly recomends not using an AS series drive in a RAID/Enterprise storage environment. ATTO recommends using Server and Enterprise level SATA Barracuda drives (ES or ES.2 series). The Seagate Cheetah, Savio and SV35 series drives are also recommended.

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